Each section contains numerous options, some of which may not be relevant to a particular child theme. This filter (tied to each default section) allows you to add, remove, or modify any portion of an option contained in a section.

Add, remove, or modify individual portions of an existing section.

function my_remove_inline( $items, $class ) {
	//remove an entire section
	unset( $items['body-color-setup'] );
	// remove all the data related to a section
	unset( $items['body-color-setup']['data'] );
	// remove one option inside a data array
	unset( $items['body-color-setup']['data']['body-color-back-thin'] );
	// remove one portion of a data option
	unset( $items['body-color-setup']['data']['body-color-back-thin']['tip'] );

	return $items;
add_filter( 'gppro_section_inline_general_body', 'my_remove_inline', 10, 2 );