Design Palette Pro allows you to add new sections to the available set. This is used mainly for child themes that have a unique area (such as a home widget section) or possibly a custom area (such as the Freeform CSS add-on). There are 4 parts.

  • tab: this text displays on the left-hand side tabbed interface.
  • title: this text displays at the very top of the column
  • intro: optional text below the title giving users an explanation of the area
  • slug: used for switching between tabs. must not contain dashes

You will need to run the corresponding gppro_sections filter as well to include any settings related to the new block that was just added.

Adding new blocks to the available set.

function my_new_block( $blocks ) {
	$blocks['cool-thing'] = array(
		'tab'	=> __( 'Cool Thing', 'my-text-domain' ),
		'title'	=> __( 'Cool Thing', 'my-text-domain' ),
		'intro'	=> __( 'Short text explaining the section', 'my-text-domain' ),
		'slug'	=> 'cool_thing',
	return $blocks;
add_filter( 'gppro_admin_block_add', 'my_new_block' );