How to back up Design Palette Pro customizations

It’s a good practice to create a backup before an update or change is made to a WordPress site. The same method applies for Design Palette Pro too! Having a backup is reassurance that customizations can be restored in the event your site experiences a glitch or unexpected circumstances.

Didn’t know you could back up your DPP settings?

It’s easy!

Go to WP AdminGenesisDesign Palette ProUtilities.

Data Export

The Data Export feature will download a JSON file that contains all the Design Palette Pro customizations made to your computer. Keep this file for safe keeping.

We recommend exporting your Design Palette Pro customization each time you make a change to your site or perform an update to the plugin.

Data Import

The Data Import feature is used when you need to restore Design Palette Pro settings or if you want to copy over the same customizations to another site running Design Palette Pro. All you have to do to use this feature is to upload the JSON file that was downloaded previously and this will import the Design Palette Pro customizations.