How to update Design Palette Pro

Automatic Update

If the site has an activated license, the site notified in the WP Admin when new updates to Design Palette Pro are available.

These notifications will appear on the Plugins page under Design Palette Pro, or in WP Admin --> Dashboard → Updates.

Manual Update

There may be instances such as restricted file permissions that require a manual plugin update.

You’ll need:

  • An understanding of accessing the WordPress files on the server through SFTP/FTP.
  • The SFTP/FTP server credentials.
  • SFTP/FTP client - there are many on the market both free and paid such as Filezilla (free) or Transmit (paid).
  • To download the latest version of Design Palette Pro from My Account, and unzip the file.
  • Have created a full backup of your WordPress site.

To manually update:

  • Log in to the server with SFTP/FTP client.
  • Locate / wp -admin/plugins/genesis-design-pro
  • Upload the folder that contains the latest version of the plugin - this will replace the existing folder.
  • Go to the WP AdminPlugins → confirm that the latest version of Design Palette Pro installed.

*Contact your hosting provider if you are unsure if file restrictions are in place.