Theme Defaults

The Settings tab is where the active child theme is set, and the new WordPress Customizer (beta) can be enabled. 

Each supported child theme in Design Palette Pro includes controls unique to the specific child theme - eg. front page widget sections  It's important to set the child theme installed from the  Theme Defaults drop-down menu so the settings and defaults in Design Palette match the active child theme.

* If you change the child theme, remember to go into  Settings --> and change the Theme Defaults to the child theme, so the settings in Design Palette Pro match the child theme. 

Enable Customizer (Beta) 

The Customizer is the way of the future - for Design Palette Pro that is!  In v1.5.0 we added the option to make edits in the Customizer vs. the classic Design Palette Pro interface.  When the Enable Customizer box is checked, the controls for the Design Palette Pro style editor are located in the WordPress Customizer --> Design Palette Pro.

Benefits of using the Design Palette Pro in the WordPress Customizer:

  • More consistent user experience for customizing themes.
  • Larger preview area.
  • The ability to save changes as a draft lets you share previews for collaborative work without changing the production look of the site.
  • Want to make changes now and make them live at a later date? Now you can schedule your design changes like a blog post.
  • Responsive controls to customize styles at the desktop, tablet, and mobile breakpoints.

The Customizer feature is still in  beta which means we need you to try it out and let us know your experience as we continue to work on the final release.