Design Palette Pro customizations are not saving

90% of the time when customizations are not saving, it is related to some cache - browser, plugin, or server-side.


CloudFlare appears to have a development mode that turns off caching for three hours at a time for you, or you can disable the caching entirely until you are finished making customizations.  After that time, the cache setting can be turned back on.

W3 Total Cache (or any other cache plugin)

Try purging the cache, and disable the cache plugin. When customizations are complete, the plugin can be re-enabled.

*We also recommend whitelisting Design Palette Pro in your cache settings. If you need assistance on doing that, please contact the plugin developer for instructions.


The Wordfence firewall blocks the request that Design Palette Pro makes that allows it to save your settings and then generate a custom CSS file.

There isn’t a way for us to programmatically bypass the firewall – and let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a good security plugin if we could. The good news is there is a way to work around that firewall that will allow you to save your setting in DPP until we can find a permanent solution.

Are you saving a default color value?

If you are having a problem with a color not saving, it might be because the color value is a default color value for the theme. By design, our plugin will not save default values to avoid generating a duplicate CSS rule that already exists in the child theme - which is the best practice and keeps thing clean and less bloated.

Don't remember what the default value was?  

Easy.  Just open the color picker by clicking Select Color --> hit the default button:

If the color that isn't saving is a default color, a workaround is to choose a color that is close to the default color value.

For example --> default #222222 then try saving #212121.  The color is so close the eye won't notice up the difference!