What to include in a support request

A detailed support request is resolved faster than a request that only includes “this isn’t working!”  We understand the frustration when you run into problems, and we want to help without the added stress of back and forth email exchanges (equally as frustrating). 

Three key parts that make up a great support request.

  1. Be clear + specific
  2. Focus on the details
  3. Steps to recreate

Helpful information to include might be:

  • Provide a screenshot
  • List any updates that have been performed recently
  • Have you recently changed child themes?
  • Steps to recreate the issue
  • Error messages

Our goal is to resolve your ticket as quick and efficient as possible.  The extra information goes a long way in helping our team understand the scope of the issue (or question) so that we can provide the correct answers with less back and forth emails.