Welcome to Design Palette Pro

Who says there are no shortcuts to creativity?

Before Design Palette Pro, there wasn’t much you could do to change up the look of your site if you didn’t know CSS.  Now you don’t have to worry about knowing CSS or how to modify these style rules in your child theme.  Design Palette Pro does it for you!
Design Palette Pro works with a straight-out-of-the-box StudioPress Pro theme.  The plugin is designed to easily customize colors, font styles, and spacing, using a simple-to-use editing interface. Design Palette Pro is your design sidekick to add your unique brand and style to any supported Genesis child theme.
The best part is Design Palette Pro customizations are non-destructive!  The plugin generates a custom stylesheet, separate from your child theme - meaning these customizations will not make modifications to your child theme files.
You made a solid decision choosing the Genesis Framework as the foundation for your site, now it's time to let Design Palette Pro add the jazz hands.