!important read: After Updating

The Font Manager will respect the fonts chosen and saved in Design Palette Pro prior to the update - because the Font Manager doesn’t kick into action until fonts have been added to Selected Fonts using the Font Manager.  

Only those fonts added through the Font Manager will be available in the Design Palette settings. That means, if you want to keep the fonts previously saved in the Design Palette Pro settings (prior to updating), those fonts will need to be added to the Selected Fonts section before any new customizations are made and saved.

For example, if your site is using PT Sans for the blog title, and you want to keep PT Sans for the blog title - but want to use the Font Manager to add a new Google font for the body. When choosing and adding fonts using the Font Manager, you’ll want to make sure PT Sans is in the stack of chosen fonts under Selected Fonts. This will make PT Sans available in the Design Palette Pro settings, and preserve the font when you make and save your next customization.

This is a major update, and a big change.

As with any major update made in WordPress, taking a full backup before updating is a good practice, and highly recommended.