Using the Font Manager

Where can I find the Font Manager?

The Font Manager is located in Design Palette under Fonts.

What fonts are included with the Font Manager?

By default, Design Palette Pro core loads 11 web safe fonts. Those fonts are DPP Core Fonts in the Font Manager.  If you are using the Google Web Fonts add-on, you can access the Google Font Library (900+ fonts) by choosing Google Web Fonts.

How to search for fonts

With the Font Manager you can search and filter by name, source ( DPP or Google Web Fonts, or by font type ( serif, sans-serif, etc).  Fonts included in the child theme are listed under Child Theme Fonts - these fonts are always available in the Design Palette Pro settings.

How to preview fonts

Select the black icon ( in the middle) located next to the font you want to preview. Type in the text box to preview your copy using the selected font.

Selecting and adding fonts to the Design Palette settings

Adding fonts is easy!  Select the green ‘plus’ icon, and the font will be added to the sidebar under Selected Fonts.  Only the Child Theme Fonts, and the fonts added under Selected Fonts will be available in the font family drop-down (Design Palette settings).