How to enable Customizer for DPP

Switching the controls to the Customizer is only a 1-2-3 click of the mouse.

The Enable Customizer checkbox is located in Design Palette Pro under Settings. Check the box (1), hit the save button (3), select the Design tab (3). Voila!

After you save the Enable Customizer checkbox, and before you hit the Design tab, you’ll want to read the handy notice at the top of the page:

“Thanks for trying the Customizer Beta. Since the beta feature was deactivated and reactivated your previous settings were not converted. The Customizer options are just like you left them. Click the “Design” tab to be taken directly to the new Design Palette Pro customizer panel. If you wish to upgrade your current settings to replace the customizer settings, please click this link.”

By clicking the link, all customizations from the classic editor will transfer to the Customizer. Technically this step makes it a 1-2-3-4 click. But maybe you don’t want to carry over the settings. Maybe you want a fresh start. Who are we to hold you back?

Carrying over the settings is optional and a choice we left up to you.