Customizer Overview

In the Design Palette 1.5 update, we introduced the new Customizer interface (beta) which moves the Design Palette controls from the Design Palette design tab to the WordPress Customizer.

The Customizer is part of WordPress core and designed specifically for customizing themes – the same purpose and similar functionality as the design tab but built-in and maintained by WordPress. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

All good things must end, and replace with something better!

We’re proud of the Design Palette design tab. At one time, it was one of a kind. But as the WordPress Customizer matured and now offers more benefits, it came time to KonMari the plugin, so to speak. We decluttered, reorganized, and tidied the editor to create the space for Design Palette to integrate more closely with the built-in customization features.

The new Customizer interface will spark more joy customizing your site.

  • More consistent user experience for customizing themes.
  • Larger preview area.
  • The ability to save changes as a draft lets you share previews for collaborative work without changing the production look of the site.
  • Want to make changes now and make them live at a later date? Now you can schedule your design changes like a blog post.
  • Responsive controls to customize styles at the desktop, tablet, and mobile breakpoints.