The plugin include a set of web-safe CSS font stacks, and Lato, a Google webfont included in Genesis. Any child theme add-ons will include any Google webfonts native to that theme, and there is also the free Google Webfonts add-on that will add an additional 25 fonts. If you need to add an additional font (via Google or elsewhere), the filter below will allow that.

  • label: (string) the display name of the font
  • css: (string) the CSS value to include in the builder function
  • src: (string) either 'web' or 'native'.
  • val: (string) an optional value to be passed in a function loading the CSS or JS file. Will require an additional function to enqueue
  • size: (intval) the size, in kb, of the font being included. set to zero for native fonts

Add or remove available fonts.

function my_custom_font_add( $stacks ) {
	if ( !isset( $stacks['sans']['my-font'] ) ) :
		$stacks['sans']['my-font'] = array(
			'label'	=> __( 'My Font Name', 'my-text-domain' ),
			'css'	=> '"MyFont", sans-serif',
			'src'	=> 'web',
			'val'	=> 'MyFont:400',
			'size'	=> '20',
	return $stacks;
add_filter ( 'gppro_font_stacks', 'my_custom_font_add',	10 );